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Tuesday to Saturday
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Spa Amenities
We offer a wide selection of spa services

We believe that health, wellness and beauty are intricately linked. From beginning to end, our dedicated spa teams ensure your journey enhances your well-being and enlivens your spirit.

Our professional staff will greet you warmly and help you to choose the combination of treatments that is right for you. Afterward, you can relax in the quiet lounge and bask in the afterglow of your total spa experience.

Facial Treatments

$35Mini Facial

$60Europa Facial


$40Tired Eyes Treatment

$65Deep Cleansing Back & Chest

$75Facial Peels

$70Lifiting Facial


$45Photodynamic Therapy

$35Ultrasound Therapy

Body Massage

Chair Massage

$1 x minute

Scalp & Face Massage

$35 x 30 minutes

Neck and Schoulders

$35 x 30 minutes


$35 x 30 minutes

$60 x 60 minutes

Swedish Massage

$35 x 30 minutes

$60 x 60 minutes

$90 x 90 minutes

Lynphatic & Post-Surgery Massage

$60 x 45 minutes

Reductive Massage

$60 x 45 minutes

Therapeutic Massage

$65 x 60 minutes

Prenatal Massage

$70 x 60 minutes

Honey Massage

$70 x 60 minutes

Aromatherapy Masage

$75 x 60 minutes

Red Wine & Grapes Massage

$80 x 60 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

$80 x 60 minutes

Body Treatments

$50Sea Salt Body Exfoliation

$65Red Wine and Grapes Body Exfoliation

$75The Pure Detox Body Wrap

$60Deep Moisturizing Body Wrap

$65Mud Body Therapy

$65Seaweed Therapy

$70Chocolate Therapy

$70Wine Therapy

hydrotherapy & Jacuzzi


$15 x 30 minutes per person


$45 Single x 50 minutes

$65 Couple x 50 minutes

Other Treatments

$45Tired Legs

ionic foot detox, legs exfoliation and legs massage

$30Ionic Foot Detox Treatments

$10 upSkin Tags, Moles & Warts Final Removal

$60Measures Weight Loss Treatment

$60Cellulite Reduction Treatment

Day Spa Packages

Relaxing Stress 1

Jacuzi & Swedish Massage

$105 Single / $165 Couple

couple includes champagne and fruit's and chocolate snacks

Relaxing Stress 2

Sauna & Swedish Massage

$75 Single / $40 Couple

Rejuve Day Spa

Body exfoliation and body deep moisturizer & Swedish Massage

$100 x 2 Hours

Renew Your Body

Body exfoliation, the pure detox, aroma sauna & snacks

$120 x 2.5 Hours

The Essential Makeover

Protein treatment blow dry, body exfoliation, the pure detox, aroma sauna & snacks

$135 x 3 Hours

European Facial

European facial, swedish Massage, jacuzzi, pedicure and manicure & snacks

$173 x 4 Hours

Grapes and Wines Scape

Body exfoliation with grapes and wine therapy, red wine and grapes massage, european facial, jacuzzi & sancks

$205 x 4 Hours

Chocolate Day Spa

Chocolate therapy, swedish massage, european facial, jacuzzi & snacks

$210 x 4 Hours

Deluxy Day Spa

Swedish massage, luxury facial, the pure detox, jacuzzi, pedicure and manicure, blow dry & snacks

$250 x 6 Hours

Bridal Day Spa


Day Spa Party